Technology is quickly shaping the future of the built environment and changing the way we design and build the world around us!

Archi-Tech Network is a collective of practicing architects sharing knowledge around the intersection of Architecture, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Technology we use as architects to design as well as how technology influencing design.

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Oliver Thomas

Architect | UK

Guillaume Evain

Architect/Engineer | France

Faisal UK

Architect | Nigeria

Sami Kourbaj

Marketing | UK


Oliver Thomas is an British Architect, leading expert in design technology, and archi-preneur, with extensive experience working on projects at the intersection of design, technology, and fabrication around the world. Oliver has worked in London, Hong Kong, and New York for renowned firms such as Aedas, Front Inc, and BIG.

He is currently the Design Technology Manager at BIG and Co-founder of Archi-Tech Network. He has been involved in a range of projects that utilizes technology such as BIM, Computation and Immersive methodologies from early concept design through to fabrication.


Guillaume is an architect and engineer working at 180 Degrees, a design-build firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is originally from France where he obtained his Master's degree in Architecture and his Engineering degree. He started his career at Knippers Helbig, a structural and facade engineering firm where he helped design complex free-form structures and learned how to use computation to generate geometries and simulate structural behaviors.

He merged his love for science and design at Bjarke Ingels Group where he worked as a project lead and a computational designer. He helped identify and incorporate computational tools into the design process, from the early exploration to solving complex constrained design challenges. He is currently incorporating his knowledge in workflows that spans from sketches to construction and fabrication.


Faisal is a student, meta-Architect, researcher, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He is the Cofounder and Research Director of the metaverse company ILLUSORR, and the Founder and Creative Director of the architecture media platform ARK. He is also currently a Partner and Associate Principal at the architecture and construction firm based in Nigeria, D&B Ltd, as well as an Executive Director at its sister company Andley Developments.

Faisal is originally from Nigeria, but has also lived in London and Dubai, where he attended secondary school and university, respectively. He is currently an autodidactic researcher in the fields of Architecture, philosophy, theology, science, and ancient history, and has written multiple papers and articles on these subjects. Faisal's aim is to change the world through design, and utilize a range of different fields to synthesize information and become a thought leader in intellectual discourse, in order to improve human civilization and create a better future.


Sami is a Marketing student based in the United Kingdom, is currently pursuing his studies in Nottingham after growing up in Cambridge. His passion for Architecture which has led him to gain experience in the field, while his multi-cultural background has fueled his fascination for languages, travel and photography. After completing his undergraduate degree in Marketing, Sami is eager to begin an Architecture apprenticeship to further develop his skills and pursue his passion.