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#42 Space Architecture & 3D Printing w/ Melodie Yashar

Join the Archi-Tech Network to talk about the future of space architecture and 3D printing with ICONS Melodie Yashar. We discuss how Melodie got to specialize in Space Architecture and how the development of 3D printing is intrinsically linked to building off planet. We also discuss the collaboration between NASA, ICON and BIG in their projects on Eath, the Moon and Mars!

#41 The Future of BIM W/ Håvard Vasshaug

Join the Archi-Tech Network to talk about the future of BIM, where we stand now, the failed promise of BIM and what's around the corner for BIM. Talking with Håvard Vasshaug Founder of Reope and Anker, Co-Found of the Bad Monkeys and Design Technology Manager.

#40 Eco Parametrics w/ Arthur Mamou-Mani

Join the Archi-Tech Network to talk about Eco-Parametrics with Architect Arthur Mamou-Mani. We delve into where Ecoparametrics comes from and how its integrated into his work. The relationshi and influence of burning man to his practice and teaching, the future of digital fabrication such as 3D printing. And finally touching on his entrepreneurial outlook as an architect and how he manages running multiple businesses whilst also teaching.

#39 The Convergence of Technology Disrupting the Visualization Industry and Far Beyond W/ Jan Bunge

Join the Archi-Tech Network and guest Jan Bunge to talk about the Convergence of Technology currently disrupting the Visualization industry and its precursor to disrupting the AEC industry. We also discuss Jan's paper "Feeding The Machines of Loving Grace" where he discusses the challenges and disruption of emerging technologies the AEC industry is facing.

#38 AI Architecture with Will Garner

Join the Archi-Tech Network and guest Will Garner to discuss the rise of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture. With particular emphasis on the emergence of image generation using Dalle, MidJourney and Stable. How will this effect Architecture design and architectural practice?


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